SuperAce Tennis – Clay

A new entertaining board game with simple rules for both children and adults. Perfect simulation of  real tennis directly on your desk. Jumping „winks“ instead of tennis balls, pawns instead of players and a court with unique surface developer specially for this game. You can play singles or doubles, organise an exciting tournament with friends. Roll out the court, stretch the net and you can start serving. The orange color of the court evokes the color of clay you play. The mobile application calculates scores and results for you.

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The game is based on simple rules that copy those of real tennis and involve players in an exciting battle from individual strokes, to games, sets and victorious matches. Choose the right strategy against your opponent. Play aggressively, go into risk, attempting to place your balls so that your opponent cannot reach them. Or on the contrary, play safe shots and wait for your opponent’s mistake.

Just like in real tennis the game duration depends on the game developments in the specific match. It can also be influenced by choosing a best-of-three or best-of-five set match before the first serve. 

Part of the game is a mobile application with sound effects, which helps with score-keeping.  After downloading it into your mobile phone using the provided QR code, you can submit your name, choose the number of sets and all the rest - results, match statistics will be counted and recorded by the app. The application can also be used for real tennis.


Number of players: 2 - 4
Duration of game: 30 – 60 min
Dimensions of the game mat (court): 70 cm x 32 cm
Size of the packaging (tube box): height 50 cm, diameter 8 cm 
Suitable for children 6 and up.


1x game mat
1x plastic net
5x playing figure
5x plastic ball
Game rules
QR cod efor SuperAce Tennis app installation